About us

Our Mission

To present fresh perspectives from the Global South*,
bringing much needed diversity to international waters.
We work to shatter bias and build connections between
cutting-edge artists and passionate clients.

*Global South: refers to a geopolitical South rather than a geographical one;
it was first introduced as a less pejorative alternative to terms
such as Third World or Developing Countries.

Who We Are

Süd is an illustration agency based in Berlin and working internationally

Antonia is a multitasker creative and analog wizard from Düsseldorf based in Berlin. As an art buyer, photographer, videomaker and stylist, she has acquired almost a decade of valuable experience in the editorial and corporate fields, working with brands such as ARTE Magazin, Axel Springer, Bosch, Chrismon, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, GQ Germany, de Persgroep, Porsche Consulting, VG Media and de Volkskrant (both newspaper and magazine).

Her many occupations have given her insight into both sides of the coin, providing her with an in-depth understanding of what is to be on the skin of both an artist and art buyer.

Finding the right talents, developing ideas, conveying aesthetics and captivating an audience are her strengths, as well as navigating firmly but smoothly through the daily frenzy of short deadlines that prevails in our creative cosmos.

Antonia speaks German, Dutch and English

Júlia Frate Bolliger


Júlia is a passionate artist manager and problem-solver spreadsheet queen from São Paulo based in Berlin. As a communications director, project manager and marketing strategist, she has been working within the art world for over a decade. Júlia worked with clients including Absolut, ARCOmadrid, ARTBO Bogotá, Art Cologne, 8th Berlin Biennale, Dhaka Art Summit, Swiss artist Michel Comte, Rolls Royce, São Paulo Art Fair and Biennale, Studio Olafur Eliasson, Unilever, Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, Venice Art Biennale 2017 and 2019.

Her past experience across several cultures, languages and time zones gave her the skills to make sure all parts understand each other and work together in harmony.

Communicating projects, connecting people from different backgrounds are her strengths, as well as managing processes to make all involved experience a smooth journey to achieve outstanding results.

Júlia speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and German

Rodolfo is a visual storyteller and complex grid systems freak from São Paulo based in Berlin. As an award-winning creative director, graphic designer and consultant, he has been working for the past 15 years in the editorial and corporate fields, leading projects and designing products for brands like BASF, Deutsche Bank, Galileu, GQ, Lufthansa, Playboy, Superinteressante, Vatenfall, Vida Simples, Zalando and WIRED. As a magazine art director, Rodolfo has been awarded gold, silver and merit medals at design competitions from the Society of Publication Designers and Society for News Design.

He was part of the jury of the 12th Brazilian Biennial of Graphic Design and of AI-AP’s Latin American Fotografía and Ilustración 5

Pitching ideas, creating concepts and designing solutions are his strengths, as well as organising workflows, setting up teams and commissioning artists.

Rodolfo speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and a bit of German

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